Export documents



When you are located outside the EU and we need to export your product, specific documents can be requested by the authorities to notify and/or register your product in your own country. When products will be exported, all the required documents will be needed.

  • Certificate of Origin (CvO)

A certificate of origin (CoO) is a document that indicates the origin of the product. A CoO proves in which country a product is made. Without CoO you may encounter difficulties if you want to import products in a particular country.

Some countries outside the EU are asking for a CoO for trade and political measurements, such as boycotts, import restrictions and import quotas. Also, in some countries the customs apply the general duties to be paid or the MFN rate (most favoured rate) for products accompanied with a CoO. That could mean, you pay less taxes or nothing at all.

  • Free Sale (cosmetica, bijzondere productgroepen en voedingssupplementen)

A Free Sale Certificate (FSC) is meant to register a particular product in a third country (non-EU country and can be used for this purpose only. This document is not related to a shipment of products. If a FCS is required depends on the country. Ask your local authorities if you need a FCS before we export your order.

A Free Sale Certificate states that the products are free trade in the EU. They must also comply to EU legislation.

It can take about 15-20 days to request this document for new product at authorities.



  • Export statement (cosmetic and food supplements)

An export statement provides detailed information regarding the shipment of products. Mentioned are kind of products, weight, article number, etcetera. The certificate contains all the information necessary for customs, if they might choose to check the products.

When requested a Free Sale that was necessary for registration, then the Export Statement is obligated to request shipment for each order.

In case Free Sale will not be necessary, it is important to check if customs of your country requires an Export Statement.

It can take about 7 days to request this document at authorities (or 15 -20 in case new products not notified before).

  • Export statement and free sale ( medical devices)

Export of medical devices for non-European countries may require an export declaration (Free Sales Certificate). This certificate states that the listed products in Europe are freely tradable on the market. The Free Sale and Export Statement are both in the same document for medical devices.

Note it can take more than 30 days for a request of this document at authorities.