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Start making a change with Cobeco Pharma’s newest Private Label Bio collection. The Cobeco Private Label Bio collection contains natural and vegan formulas and packaging of recycled and recyclable materials. Create your own bio product-packaging combination to your taste with the different possibilities.


“With the Cobeco Private Label Bio collection, we want to help you move your company to a green future by starting your own bio and vegan collection. Together we can contribute to the battle against global pollution by using recycled and recyclable packaging and stop animal cruelty and -exploitation with vegan formulas.”


Choose between different looks and different vegan formulas. You can also combine the recyclable bottles with our non-vegan formulas or choose a vegan-formula with regular packaging. The available pump and spray have a wooden-look that strengthens the bio feeling.

The Cobeco Private Label Bio collection is now available at Cobeco Pharma. For more information go to our website or send an e-mail to

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