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To complete the Cobeco Bio collection, Cobeco Pharma has multiple vegan formulas that will fit perfectly in your bio collection; a natural lubricant, a natural toy cleaner, massage oils with or without fragrance and other vegan-friendly formulas. With these vegan-friendly formulas, you can complete your own bio collection to your customers need.


Natural Lubricants

The natural lubricant formula is an intimate water-based lubricant, with 100% natural and vegan ingredients. This lubricant contains no synthetic fragrances, colors and flavors and is pH-optimized. It has been certified by the BDiH as 100% natural according to the “Natural Product Standard”. The lubricant is also suitable in combination with latex condoms.

Besides the natural lubricant, we also offer a glycerin-free lubricant formula. This formula is water-based and free of glycerin and parabens, making it soft to the skin. 

Natural Massage Oils

The natural massage oils contain natural and non-animal ingredients, making it a vegan-friendly product that is gentle to the skin. The natural massage oil glides easily on the skin thanks to its spreadable texture.

Available options:

  • Natural - without added fragrance
  • Honey Milk - a sweet and sexy fragrance
  • Tea Rose - a soft and flirty fragrance
  • Orchidee - a natural and intimate fragrance
  • Warming - with a warming effect

Natural Toy Cleaner

The natural toy cleaner is a spray, specially developed to clean erotic toys with more than 97% organic ingredients and completely vegan. This formula provides a thorough cleaning and maintains the quality of erotic toys. By cleaning your toy regularly it remains in good and hygienic condition.

Vegan Formulas

Cobeco Pharma offers different vegan-friendly formulas, such as lubricants, massage oils, creams, tablets and many more. Send us an inquiry for our available vegan formulas.

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