Create a unique brand of condoms with Private Label by Cobeco Pharma, in cooperation with the best manufacturers and made with the best latex. The Cobeco Pharma condoms have the perfect fit. The condoms come in a 3-pack or 12-pack packaging.

A perfect fit

Because our condoms have the perfect fit the Private Label by Cobeco Pharma condom is an one size fits all condom. Men often complain about the condom being too tight. Cobeco Pharma condoms have a looser end and tip but are tighter in the middle. The condom stretches better and will not slip off. By making the end and the tip of the condom wider, the condom is easier to put on and off. The measurements of the condom are 52-56 mm. The Cobeco Private Label Condoms will fit 95% of all men.

Why private label condoms?

Condoms are widely known product used by many people all over the world. They are a great addition to any existing private label. A complete line of massage oils, lubricants and condoms is the best way to secure customer loyalty to your brand and generate more visitors to your webshop.

Order quantity

The quantity of order can be as low as 1.500 pieces for the 3-pack condoms and 750 pieces for the 12-pack condoms. This low order quantity is exclusive to Cobeco Pharma.


All the condoms are of a high quality and electronically tested. One condom can hold over 40 litres of water and have been tested by independent laboratories on safety, strength and feel. The Private Label by Cobeco Pharma condoms fall under the regulation medical devices class 2 and are CE certified.

Condoms with CE mark medical devices class 2

The Private Label condoms are covered by the regulation medical devices class 2. Therefore the condoms need a CE-mark, a quality mark that stand for high quality and safety of the product.

Legal text

After completing the order, Cobeco Pharma will deliver the legal text together with the blank templates and the detailed instructions. One of the legal texts is the ‘produced by’ text. Please notice: at every condom packaging there has to be information which tells where the condoms are produced:

Produced by Pharmcon, the Netherlands

Distributed by (your company), (your country)


The sealed condoms are universal and cannot be customised. The wrapping is neutral with the CE-mark on one side and the word ‘condom’ on the other side. The aluminium foil contains a neutral aluminium grey background and dark grey letters.

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