For men

  • Delay aid for men

A premature ejaculation is uncomfortable for many men and their partners. These men come faster than they would like, which results in less time for the sexual pleasure.

The exclusive Delay Gel and Delay Cream, Delay Liquid Spray temporarily numbs the head of the penis, causing it to become less sensitive and helps to prevent a premature ejaculation. These unique products give more control and provide long lasting maximal pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Also available: sachet with wipes for delay aid

  • Erection support for men

The erection support cream and lotion are products that can help with getting an erection.
The formula is based on natural plant extracts, that stimulates the blood circulation of the male genitals, which makes getting an erection possible. This product contains among others ginkgo biloba.

  • Arousal aid for men

Viagel for Men is a nourishing and stimulating gel for the intimate areas of the men. The gel increases desire and lust. The natural effect of these high quality ingredients in this unique gel create a more intense experience during intimate moments. Viagel for Men warms the skin of the penis and gives it a little tickle and  tingle, in a pleasant way.

  • Body shaving

After Shave Gel for Men ensures  a smooth, soft and groomed skin after shaving.
Use this unique gel after each shave. It soothes and nourishes the skin, while it prevents irritation and ingrown hairs.

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