For women

  • Arousal aid

Intimate cream and intimate gel nourish and stimulate the intimate female area and give a tingling, warm and sensual feeling. For more excitement, arousal and joy.

The cream formula based on natural ingredients and rich oils stimulates the woman’s intimate areas. The skin will become more sensitive when touched and you’ll experience an increasing sexual desire. The tingling stimulation of the clitoris will thereby intensify the pleasure.

The high quality ingredients in this gel formula, create a more intense experience during sexual intercourse. The gel warms the sensitive skin of the clitoris and gives it a tingle in a pleasant way.

  • Tighten aid

With age or after having children, women can experience a widening of the vagina.  Tightening gel is an unique gel that nourishes the delicate skin of the vagina, thanks to the various high quality ingredients like flower and plant extracts, including allantoin, calendula, aloe vera, hamamelis Virginiana leaf extract and chamomilla recutita flower extract. The gel supports the skin of the vagina, has a restorative effect and can make it feel firmer. This will help to experience more intense sexual intercourse.

  • Body shaping

Our breast shaping formula’s cream and gel stimulates firming the skin of the breasts and it will help to increase imperfections. Thanks to natural ingredients like calendula, ylang ylang and fucus vesiculosus.

  • After depilation

Get prepared for a sexy night out. Depilation, waxing or shaving the most intimate places may cause irritation. After Depilation Gel - Bikini prevents this irritations. This unique gel nourishes, nurtures and protects the skin to ensure a relaxed and refreshed feelin. Contains with mentha piperita oil and allantoin.

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