We offer our health supplements in liquid formulations as well. These are easy to take and have the same sexual wellness beneficial properties.

  • Spermatogenesis and genital health

Proper nutrition is essential for health and a deficiency of one or more nutrients will have a negative impact on the body’s function. This can cause negative effects on the sperm production.

We offer supplements, based on herbs as salix alba and zingiber officinale, that can be beneficial for men. Salix alba extract helps to maintain genital health. Zingiber officinale contains manganese, which is essential for neurological health. It is necessary for realeasing  the sexual hormone testosterone. And manganese is also important for men’s sex drive and sperm production. Ginger is successful in neutralizing the generally salty/bitter taste usually attributed to the male ejaculate.

Example of our formulation:

005: Improves quantity and taste of the sperm because it contributes to the spermatogenesis and it helps to maintain genital health. Thanks to Salix Alba and Arginine.

  • Stamina and sexual energy

Both men and women could sometimes use some support with their sexual desire and sex drive.

We offer formula’s in liquid form, which are easy to take.

The formula’s provide in more energy, which is nessecary for improvement of sexual desire and sex drive. These formula’s are based on, amongst others, vitamins, guarana, muira puima and arginine.

Examples of our formulations:

001: Contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism thanks to Vitamin C.


10: Drops give you sexual energy and stamina thanks to Guarana and Arginine. 

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