Cobeco Pharma offers the opportunity to create a brand of massage oils. The massage oils are available in different scented oils.

A massage can relieve stress, it can be stimulating and it can give a boost to the libido. The massage oils all nurture and moisturise the skin.

The oils are smooth and soft for the skin. They will nurture and moisturise your skin at the same time. The oils are non-greasy and all have different special features.

Neutral oil

A neutral, scentless, standard massage oil. This oil can be used in almost any type of massage oil with any purposes. None scented, none flavoured or none coloured.

Joyfull oil

Refreshing, sensual massage oil. Non-greasy, non-sticky with moisturising features that can be used as a nurturing skin care product after showers.

Herbal oil

The perfect sensual massage oil with an herbal character.

Exclusive oil

Massage oil that makes every massage a unique erotic experience.

Balans oil

Experience a fresh, sensual massage with Balans oil.

Warming oil

The warming massage oil will warm up when massaged onto the skin. Use all your senses while things heat up.

Relaxing Vanilla oil

This relaxing massage oil has a sweet vanilla scent. Treat your partner to the ultimate massage.

Citrus oil

Give your partner a fresh and sensual massage with citrus scented massage oil.

Argan oil

Special Eastern oil, also known as Moroccan oil or liquid gold. Argan oil has moisturising and nurturing features and can be used in many types massage oils for many purposes.

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