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  • Masculine 

We offer several herbal formulas for the sexual health and masculinity of men. These formulas consists of well known ingredients, such as tribulus terrestris, Siberian Ginseng, L-argine and saw palmetto.

Tribulus terrestris supplements stimulates the production of luteinizing hormones. This hormone encourages cells in the testes to produce testosterone, which is a powerful anabolic hormone that causes a wide range of effects in men. Higher levels of testosterone can the increase lean muscle mass, strength, energy, libido and has good influence on the mood. Testosterone is also essential for the maintenance of bone density, fat distribution, red blood cell production and sperm production.

Example of our formulation:

65: For sexual organs and hormone activity thanks to Tribulus terrestris. Contributes also to normal muscle function and to normal energy-yielding metabolism thanks to calcium.

296 ; Helps induce erection and improves sexual performance and desire thanks to Ginseng and Maca. Contributes to reduction of tiredness thanks to Vitamin C and B3.

  • Erection aid

Many men have experienced  problems with getting an erection. Sometimes the problems are caused by medical problems, but in many cases it’s because of other circumstances or diet. If it’s not medical, than supplements can help out. The main cause of male impotence is poor circulation and impaired blood flow through the penis. Research also learns that certain vitamins and supplements can also contribute to get an erection. Like herbs such as ginkgo biloba, ginseng and maca are known for their beneficial support. As erections are the result of increased blood flow to the penis, vitamins that improve blood circulation can be helpful. As well as getting smooth muscle relaxation.

Ginkgo biloba works best when combined with Ginseng. It is said to be effective at improving the blood flow and stimulate erections. Scientific studies of Ginseng are showing positive effects on erections, desire and overall sexual satisfaction. Improvements in libido and performance are also noticed.

Example of our formulation:

297 ; Enhances male genital blood circulation and also helps to induce erection thanks to ginkgo and ginseng. Improves physical performance and contributes to reduction of tiredness thanks to caffeine, C and B3.

B75: Supports the erection. For your physical performance and condition. With Siberian Ginseng.

74M: Contributes to sexuality thanks to Maca, vitality thanks to Korean ginseng, the sexual organs and hormone activity thanks to Tribulus terrestris

  • Spermatogenesis and virility

Proper nutrition is essential for health. Deficiency of one or more essential nutrients will have a negative impact on the body’s function. A number of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A, C, folate, B6 and zinc, are particularly important for spermatogenesis and male virility, which comprises vigor and reproductive health. In addition, our herbal extracts formulations assist in increasing and maintain virility.

Example of our formulation:

29: Contributes to normal spermatogenesis thanks to selenium and contributes to normal fertility and to the maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood thanks to zinc.

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